We love this world!

We believe in peer-reviewed and knowledge based science. And in it being possible to get together and get things done. Worried about climate change? We see possibilities in actions. Therefor we do.

LSXS is our contribution.

And we love you!

We support Økolife.

We hold lectures and workshops. Mainly from a base in ecology and/or anthropology.

We do event support - may it be fairs, shows, weddings or something else. it could be small, private, big and public. We can also document these moments for you.

We do all of this. For you. And more.

Leave your stress behind - keep LSXS in mind.

So tell us, how may we help you?


Why is LSXS not found on facebook, insta and such common platforms?

Simply because we don't like what data mining companies do through such platforms. We value your privacy highly. And we value our own. Customer relations will always be safe and exploitation free with us. And an up-vote hunt doesn't reveal a good job for the coming customer. Leave stress behind - keep LSXS in mind.

Diaspora is one platform free from such exploitation. And Signal is apparantly a Skype equivalent. And you can privately and safely find us there. Preferably during office hours.


[+47] 941 941 42


Our foundation is sustainable change. Our goal is a common sustainable future. Our world holds you in focus. We want to bring out the best in you, or whatever you want to achieve!

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